Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lazy Days

Today is such a lazy day!  It's raining and actually pretty cold.  It's a perfect day to snuggle on the couch and watch a sappy movie.  Who knows?  I might just watch the Notebook. (My #1 favorite movie.  I know typical.)
I will have to clean my house first though.  I mean for not working, my house should be looking a lot better than what it is now.  I should be ashamed.
I have been incredibly tired lately.  It's almost like I can't catch up on my sleep even though it's not like I am going to bed late or anything.  I was talking to my sister and I told her that and she asked if I was pregnant.  I think that is going to be all of my family's first question until I am.  Not that we are even trying but I do have a feeling it's going to happen soon.  I don't know why and I could be wrong's just a feeling.  
Speaking of that, funny story;  there is a family that is very close to my family.  Their names are the Tim and Jodi Hines.  Tim is an evangelist and they live in south Florida but when they vacation, they visit here.  They go to our church that sunday morning and their family and all of mine get lunch together after church.  Well, since at least one of my sisters gets pregnant each year, Jodi turns to my mom and asked if anyone was pregnant.  
Backing up, one of my sisters just found out she was pregnant right before they came in town.
So, my mom just gave her the look like "yes".   I didn't hear their conversation and as soon as my mom gave her the look she pointed at me and shouted, "I knew it!"  Well I was a bit confused because I didn't know what she was talking about.  She went on to say that she knew when she first saw me that morning.   My mom was trying to tell her "no!  It's not her".  But Jodi just kept saying that she knew it over and over.  Well, finally she heard my mom and then they told me the story.  It was so funny!  I think we woke the dead with all of our laughing, plus Jodi's shouting when she thought I was pregnant.   Of course, I raised my hands and said "I will receive it!"  while Kyle is shaking his head.  
Well, I wasn't last month so it wasn't a prophecy or anything. :)   I know it will all happen on God's timing.
Well, I need to go clean my house.
Hope everyone is having a good day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old Late Promises

So, when I got back from the cruise I promised some pictures and it's been almost two months.  But better late than never right? .....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missing Person Alert

OK, so the title is a little exaggerated but I can not believe I have not posted on here in almost a month! I am not even sure how many readers I have but still!  Well, there is a lot to update you all on.
  • The job interview.  It went well and I was pretty sure that I got the job.  But it's been a month and I haven't even heard from the place.  I was so bummed for the longest time but I went and applied at other places and again, either don't hear back or they tell me that they are not hiring at this time.  I applied at American Eagle Outfitters and they are hiring either this week or next for the holidays.  I am pretty sure that I will have that job.  I swear I go there like everyday to see if they have gone through all the applications.  I guess I am nagging but the manager was pretty pleased that I was so consistent.  It's crazy because I was so stuck on my monday-friday, 8-5 jobs that I couldn't even imagine working retail but since I don't really have weekends since I am not working at all, I don't mind so much.  But I guess we will know what happens when they finally start hiring.   It has been pretty tough though.  We get stressed with how are we going to be able to pay some bills but God has been there and provided for us every time.  There is no way that I could/ would deny Him.  He has proven Himself real to me way too many times.  Plus, I know that we are not the only ones struggling.  We actually have it made to some people out there who have been laid off their jobs.  They have lost their house, maybe even their families.  It's  a tough time but I try to just focus on the positive and not on the negative.  Thanks for all of those who have been praying for us.  I have no words to even describe how much that means to me.  And again, a special thanks to Emily. :)
  • Family.  Well, one of my sisters just announced a week ago that they are expecting another baby!  I am so happy for them!  This is their fifth!  Ha, I guess my family just likes having big families.  And I love watching them all have big families. :)  I don't think I could have that many but I love having a million nephew and nieces.   It's awesome!  The other 8 are doing good too.  It looks like my younger brother will be getting married next year.  Him and his girlfriend aren't engaged yet but it looks like that will happen very soon.  I am so  happy for him.  Amanda, his girlfriend, is just a wonderful girl and she just loves him for who he is and I couldn't be happier.  The other day I was thinking about it and I teared up, (I am for sure the emotional one in the family).  It's just so great.    
Ok, it's getting late and I have a busy day tomorrow.  I hope everyone is doing great!  And I promise to not disappear for so long!  :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Job Interview

I have a praise report!
While I was working at the title company, a friend of mine was working at an insurance company and they were seeking a receptionist. So, she would call me and ask if I wanted to work there. I would say no because I had that job and I just didn't want to leave and have "job jumping" on my work history. Well, this week I have been stressing about a job and worrying that I wouldn't find one on time. I have been looking on the paper and there really is nothing! Then yesterday I remembered about my friend's job seeking a receptionist. So, I emailed her and I didn't hear anything until this morning. She said that they were hiring and told me she would talk to her boss and call me later. Well, I just got her call. She said that they weren't hiring until this week! And she told her boss about me and he wants to interview me tomorrow!! Praise the Lord!
I know, you are thinking, "Um Sarah, it's not like you have the job". I know that but I just have that much faith that everything will work out. :)
I was really struggling and I was starting to have my doubt and my stress level was really starting to rise. But I keep praying that God continue to reveal to me and place in my heart true faith. He tells us that He never leaves nor forsakes. And I know that He is the one who is in charge. He knew that I was going to be laid off my job and He knows where I am going to next. It's not always easy to have this knowing or faith but praise Jesus, He has always revealed himself real to me and has always provided for me.
For those who have been praying for Kyle and I with the job searches, I want to tell you Thank you!!! I am a total believer in the power in prayer and I can't express enough my appreciation for your prayers. I want to say thank you to Emily who was praying and posting on her own blog my prayer requests. I am so happy to have been able to talk with you. :)
And for those who are dealing with worry because of the economy or just life in general, I want you to know that Jesus hears your crys and He is always there. I encourage you to read Matthew chapter 10. He talks all about how He does and will forever prepare for us as His children.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Kisses for a Cure"

Dear Friends,

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Almost everyone has been affected by Cancer, directly or indirectly. I am proud to be a part of a company that makes a difference in the lives of many women every day. The Mary Kay Charitable Foundation supports both domestic violence and cancer research. Last year Mary Kay Inc. donated millions of dollars to fund research.

This month, my Mary Kay unit in our Florida Panhandle area is doing some work of our own. We call it Kisses For A Cure. I am asking many of my close family members, friends and customers to donate a lipstick to a woman undergoing cancer treatment. October 1, 2008 the lipstick will be delivered to local cancer treatment facilities for women to enjoy. Each lipstick will have a tag that reads, "Here is a Kiss for the Cure, but until we have one, enjoy being the beautiful woman you are! This Kiss was donated by (Your Name and City)."

Not only will your lipstick be donated, but a collective collection from our beauty consultants' profit will be donated to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation to support more research. Here is how you can help:

You may purchase any way you choose. I can be contacted by email at, or at my personal website There, you can choose and purchase any lipstick you want. If you choose the Apple Berry lipstick, 100% of Mary Kay's profit will automatically be donated to the charitable fund. All orders must be received by September 20, 2008 at 11:59pm.

If we work together, we can change and save so many precious lives! Thank you for your love and support. This campaign for a cure is donated to our dear sister beauty consultant and friend, Denise Berry, who lost her battle to cancer last month.

Sarah Hock

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's about time I update here! Sorry, I have been gone for so long. Things have been so busy here that I don't even know what day it is sometimes. So here are a few updates:
- I still have no job yet BUT I am now selling Mary Kay! I am an official Mary Kay consultant and I have to say that I am very excited! I made my first order yesterday and I sold over $200 worth of stuff just from two people! And already I have a handful of people who said that they will host a party. It's all been lots of fun so far and I know that if I continue to work hard and keep this up and will continue to be fun and I could just work part time or better yet, only do this! And just so you know, just because we might not live near each other, I can still be your consultant. I will very soon have my own website and I will make sure to post it here. But you can just go to and click the find a consultant and on the right side there will be a spot where you can type the consultant's name and you just type "sarah hock" and I will pop up with my contact info! OR you can email me at :)
- Two weeks ago we were on a cruise! And let me tell you, that was SO much fun!! We went with a group and there was 8 of us all together and we were "the crowd". Seriously, when we all went somewhere that is what people called us. Kyle can already be the life of the party but you add four other guys like him and you have a loud crowd. But everyone loved it. It was a 5 day cruise and we went to Cozumel, Mexico and Florida Key West. We were suppose to go to Bahamas but it didn't work out...hurricanes! I will post pictures and tell more stories about that later.
- Kyle got an email from one of the positions he applyed for at Cox Cable here in town and they asked him to fill out another form and so he did and sent it off. So we at least heard something. :) We are trying to be optimistic with it all and hope and pray that he will get a job there!
- I had to take Precious to the vet because her skin has been so bad and it looked like she was losing hair! Well they ran some tests and it turns out that she is alergic to fleas!! Crazy! And the bad part is that we have yet to find good flea medicine for her. I talked with the vet and they gave me all sorts of meds for her and certain shampoos and recomended some other flea meds and sprays. I feel like she is already an old dog with all of these pills and all she has to take! But hopefully it will clear her skin.

Well, that is all for now. Again, sorry I haven't posted in so long and I will post pictures and stories about our cruise here soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I was walking the other day to get the mail and I came across this leaf. I was so excited! Even if this was the only leaf that was colored red and that it's only August and in Florida that means I have until the end of October or early November to actually get Florida's version of Autumn, it was so refreshing to see a colored leaf. It honestly made my day.
And I will get deep for a minute. It was almost like a sign that times are really changing. There are so many changes that are happening and are going to continue happening in Kyle's and my life. I might not know what they all are or what will happen, but I am so happy to know that God is in full control and He is going to guide and direct us. And quite honestly, that is all that need to know. That is saying alot! Since I am such a big planner and like to be organized. God is taking me out of that comfort zone and showing me what it really means to trust in Him. He has never let me down. Nor will He ever.